Gluttony y Glotonería

It was a night of food y música with Dez -- dinner at Ms. B's M & M's Soul Food on Manchester
 then Café Tacvba y Los Tigres del Norte en El Forum. 

Food first:
I got the Catfish (REALLY good), Dez got the Baked Chicken. 
There were sides, I didn't take a picture. 
We split the awesome Peach Cobbler. 

After walking my leftover catfish to a very secret free parking spot, we went over to The Forum.

We surveyed El Merch
Gorras de beisbol y Tigres

I know I'm going to regret not getting that embroidered edge key chain

Best of all, and take note of this my musician friends, 
¡Los Sharpies!
Nice markup, right? Or is that markerup - haha.

Café Tacvba opened and wow were they a visual and sonic feast!
Their hats and fringe glowed in the dark!
I sense a SpyGirl sketch of Rubén coming soon. 

Here's a silent stop motion video showing the fringe in action:


 I have no photos of Los Tigres del Norte. Perhaps I was too transfixed by the spectacle. There was video, sometimes the usual live feed and sometimes prerecorded performances of the same song but at another venue (confusing!). They wore shiny jackets and leather pants with thin metal tubing over the knees (strange!). The vocals started sounding just a little bit weird then ¡BAM! the power went out. For a few seconds, the entire venue was dark -- except for the light from everyones' phones (disturbing!). The percussionists kept playing (troupers!). Gradually the power restored, and a backing track revealed itself by repeatedly playing the finale "muchas gracias" over and over (oops!).
Behind me lurked La Caterwalla. She very enthusiastically sang along, WAY off key. She also had a bad sense of personal space and managed to crowd me, despite the chair between us. Hit by her fan, check. Hit in head, check. At least she didn't throw her drink at me! ¡Ay, señora!

[Pardon any bad Spanish. I was using el Google for translations].

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  1. Ha! Anne, great post! That catfish looks divine. I am a huge fan of breaded catfish. So delicious. However, the liver and onions at the top of the menu made me cringe. My mother used to make us (i.e. force us at the threat of heavy punishment) to eat liver for dinner every single Friday night during childhood. 5 bites each. Until I gagged on it. Then she stopped. Anyway, it looks like you had a fabulous evening out despite a personal space violater. Thanks for linking up On the Edge of the Week! I hope to see you again this Friday with your fabulously fun posts!


    1. Oh dear, sorry to bring back a bad Friday Flashback. My boyfriend adores most offal (liver, ox tails, menudo, etc) and that menu photo was for him. The catfish was outstanding. There was enough for a large sandwich the next day. Their macaroni and cheese was a good rendition as well.
      Thanks for reminding me about your linkup! I like that you encourage more than just outfits.