Gluttony in Vancouver

I went to Vancouver to meet up with a bunch of over-40 Style bloggers.
We had a really great time!
Most of my posts about the weekend are over on SpyGirl.
I'm covering my Vancouver food experiences here on the Glutton.
Can't read the menu? Get a magic loupe from Wendra (on left). Melanie is loupey too.
I arrived late Friday, missing the pizza dinner and the postprandial mayhem at a speakeasy.
That was OK. I was a little under the weather from eating one too many fig bars on the drive up.
I opted for chicken soup up in my room, ordered from the Blue Horizon's inhouse restaurant, Abode.
Saturday, I arose early (my usual 4am) and had a solo breakfast while waiting for everyone to wake up.
The oatmeal (great) came with a delicious Blueberry Compote, spiced with clove -- must replicate at home.

Our lobby call was for 10:00, to gather before embarking for some coffee and shopping on Granville Island. On Granville, our meetup spot was Blue Parrot Coffee.
I got a cold coffee frappe and a veggie wrap. Hey -- that rhymes!
Arty Waterlogue of the wrap. Part of my "100 Days of Gluttony" series, which has now gone way beyond 100
Granville Island has a large area of food purveyors along with all the shops.
Beautiful displays of fresh fruits:
Impressive stacks of Ranier cherries, arranged like Mt Ranier:

Next, Louisa, Pat, and I went over to the Gastown district and had some nibbles at Purebread.
I had this pizza bruschetta thingie:
I posted my dessert over on my Dessert Safari blog. Yes, eventually you will visit all my blogs.

After an exhaustive exploration of the sewing emporium Dressew, Pat and I ambled back to the Hotel for the group clothing swap. Find that on SpyGirl soon.

Next on the agenda -- dinner!
We gathered at Earl's one block down the street.
Great menu graphics
Sage advice
My salad.
I made a wise choice: Field Greens + Fennel Salad with
Apples, grapes, spiced candied pecans, in champagne vinaigrette
I DO regret not ordering the Sticky Pudding. I got a meh ice cream sundae for dessert.

Sunday, another 10am lobby call and then a stroll to Forage.
I opted for the Two Rivers turkey sausage hash etc. Delicious.
Eat, drink, and be merry. Yep, we covered it.

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