Clutter Glutton, 31 Days Self-Scrutiny

Tami, of Thrift Shop Commando, is constantly finding new themed writing challenges for her blog. One, The A-to-Z Challenge, I did both on SpyGirl and On the Edge last April. She brought the 31 Days challenge to my attention and I'm giving it a go here on The Glutton.

My theme?
Dealing with my clutter at Walgrove Manor, specifically the clutter in the living room.
(Baby steps).

I'm not attempting minimalism, by any means (I can't live that way). What I want is some tidiness. I'm hoping to force myself into accountability by posting my process (progress?) here.
Today I signed up for a decluttering e-course called 27 days of Feng Shui with Katie Rogers. It's 27 days of emails that I hope will help me get things sorted. I'll be using the exercises there as a springboard for what I will write here. [Update, 10/2: During my work-week I've fallen into a rhythm of morning photos, sketching, decluttering, then creating the post during my lunch break, with final finessing that night or the next morning. Hope it's not too confusing to have the dates in the journal one day earlier than the post.]

This post will function as my table of contents for the 31 Days of October.
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It all begins 10/01.
Table of Clutter
10/01 Working on the Table

10/02 All Tangled Up

10/03 Chaos into Catagories

10/04 Call me Sisyphus

10/05 Tangled Up in Beads

10/06 Still Tangled Up in Beads

10/07 Drawer of Distraction

10/08 Fabricating the Declutter

10/09 Tissue Mountain

10/10 Clutter Cache

10/11 Photo Schlepping

10/12 Clutter Here, clutter there, everywhere a clutter, clutter

10/13 A Fine Mess

10/14 A Little Pocket of Crazy

10/15 The Chain of Clutter

10/16 Sliding home

10/17 Closet Shuffle

10/18 Cornered with Clutter

10/19 Yellow Fever

10/20 Single Filed

10/21 Shoo Shoes!

10/22 Junked Mail

10/23 Skirting the Issue

10/24 Recipe for Success

10/25 Sketchy Situation

10/26 Clutter Loves an Open Space

10/27 Mystery Grab Bag

10/28 Next

10/29 Table That

10/30 Neatnik Nails the Nook



  1. Perfect! I'll be following your progress ...

    1. Thanks Tami! And thanks for finding the 31 Days challenge!